About Allison Smith

I am an Atlanta Falcons Fan in Charlotte, NC and I Do Not Need an Intervention

Allison Smith, CEO, Lead Writer

My name is Allison Smith and I am THE biggest Falcon fan living in Charlotte, NC.  There are others, I have personally met 15 in the past 5 years.  And, no, I am not from Atlanta.  I just know that the Falcons are the best NFL team and want to be their Fan for Life.  Living in Charlotte, you can imagine how many times I get that question.  I tried the Panther bandwagon for a while, but many of their fans are really annoying, and the team did some of my favorites wrong and made some other bad decisions, so I gave up on them years ago.  The Falcons never left my heart, just carried two teams for a short while.  

I’ve been a Falcon fan since 1980 and a season ticket (now PSL) holder for 6 years now.  I don’t know if I just liked the color red, it was the draw of my first football crush, yes, a punter, or that the Falcons were what was on TV in South Carolina in the antenna era, but my love for the team was instantaneous.  My Dad would, literally, have to drag me out of the house at half time to get some fresh air and exercise, with me complaining, “We only have 15 minutes.”  I always watched football with my Dad and definitely got my love of the game and knowledge from him, but I got way more intense instantly.  We still watch games together or chat during half time or post game, depending on the situation.

I can still remember my first NFL game, the inaugural season of the Georgia Dome.  I had just graduated from college and thought that was the biggest place I had ever seen.  My Dad had a friend whose company had a box.  We went to a game late in the season when there was plenty of space in the box.  While my Dad ate and chatted with others, I sat, glued to the edge of my seat, nearly hanging over the ledge the entire time.  I was fascinated at finally seeing this team live.  I can still watch the 90’s games and recognize player numbers like it was a game from last week.  Don’t get me started on that Super Bowl season.

I’ve always lived in NC/SC, including graduating from Presbyterian College, whose sports claim to fame is Justin Bethel in Arizona.  In his 6th season, Justin has already earned a spot on the Pro Bowl team his first 3 seasons.  So, if you see me talking about the Cardinals, that is why, I am not confused on which bird is which.  While at PC, I went to one FCA breakfast (which is a negative on my part) but that one had Steve Bartkowski speaking and I actually met him afterwards.  He could not have been nicer and was such an honor to meet him.

Bartkowski was the first pro player I ever met, and that just fueled the fire.  Although I have now met tons of players, some of the highlights and honors have been Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn, and Rich McKay.  Three of my four top top favorite Falcons (because my favorites list is likely 25), Keith Brooking, Paul Worrilow, and Brian Finneran. Legends like Jamal Anderson, Chuck Smith, Chris Draft, Lester Archambeau.  Isn’t it a great world when we can get access to these guys?

I have worked in the financial industry my whole career, in project or reporting roles, although I would rather be saving animals or event planning, or helping Arthur Blank run the Falcons organization.  Currently, I am working for an awesome boss who is an Atlanta Falcons fan as well, and that is just one of the things that make her great.  

I love Halloween, Hello Kitty, and America!  

I’m a typical Pisces, like everything a certain way, am very (extremely) organized and like every detail thought out.  This is good when creating volunteer events and travel plans…as long as you aren’t the one dealing with me when I am preparing.  I am very passionate about whatever cause that I take up, and possibly go overboard once involved.  That also includes preparing for Falcon games, packing clothes and coolers, coordinating jersey colors, makeup, game events.

I am very involved with Elevation Church.  I have been attending and serving since late 2011 and was on the launch team for the Lake Norman campus beginning in November 2013.  Once we opened in January 2014, I served on the VIP, Parking, and now Greeter team.  I serve as a liaison to one of our outreach partners, Children’s Hope Alliance at Barium Springs Campus, where I have coordinated 40+ events with 350 volunteers in the past 4 years, to beautify their campus with painting, landscaping, cleaning, and staining projects.  I started and ran an animal awareness organization for 7 years, where we educated people on the importance of good pet care, need to spay and neuter, and responsible adoption.  We had fund raisers, photo contests, and animals for adoption.  Like I said, I like planning, organizing, and control.

Cordelia and Payton – BIG Falcon Fans

My loves, even above Atlanta, are Payton and Cordelia, my rescue kittens.  I adopted them from Chester Animal Control in June 2016.  Don’t worry, they are Falcon fans too and love wearing their gear on game day.  Since they were rescued from a bad outside situation, the noise of me “cheering” on game day does not disturb them.  They came to me sickly and both under 2 pounds, now, a year later they are pushing 13 and 10 pounds.  I can’t tell if I am winning or losing this cat mom thing.  Either way, they certainly make life more interesting and fun and the only thing I hate about traveling to so many Falcon games.

I do not follow college football, except for the 2017 National Champion, Clemson Tigers.  Also, been a fan since the late 1970s, so was already on board when they won their first Championship in 1981.  Last year was really exciting, watching both of my favorite teams head to their respective championships.  And you can ask Grady Jarrett, I told him at Halloween that both teams were going to the championship, likely, however, I said both would win.  I have also been on the Vic Beasley, Jr. train since before it was cool.  As soon as Vic settled in on his number, I purchased his jersey and added Grady’s a few months ago.  

With a group of awesome ladies (look for an article recapping the PHOF week soon) I attended the Pro Football Hall of Fame activities in 2016 and 2017, as well as the 2017 Pro Bowl, where, we know, there were NO Falcons, but a great time was still had.  At all events, I am always representing my black and red.  It was great to see 1-a kicker and 2-a Falcon go into the Hall of Fame this year.  That was definitely well deserved for Morten Anderson and so great to be able to see him go in live.

I wrote for NFL Female covering the Atlanta Falcons since September 2014, covering almost every game, some interviews, draft coverage, and other interesting stories.  I was voted Sister of the Year for 2017 and wore my crown with honor, representing all of the great ladies involved with podcasts, interviews, writing, and social media.  

As you are clearly aware, as of August 2017, Kasey and I have launched FalconAlleyFootball.com and are super excited with this opportunity and direction.  We can focus our time on specialty articles, FalconAlley Squawk, game recaps, and interviews, all about our beloved Falcons!

As always, stay in the Fast Lane and set your Twitter and Periscope notifications so that you can stay up to date on everything in Falcon Land.