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Welcome the The Benz Nest

August 19, 2017

Yes, that is what I plan to call the brand new and shiny Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, unless someone comes up with a better tag name.  None of us have said “Georgia” next to “Dome” in years.

For a full live tour of the stadium, check out our YouTube channel, Falcon Alley24, where I break down the levels and sections in 7, yes, 7, videos as I tour and commentate the sites.

August 19, 2017 will be a day to remember.  Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, opened his second home to season ticket holders of the Atlanta United and the Atlanta Falcons.  The best way to describe my day is WOW and THANK YOU Mr. Blank.

Mr. Blank said he wanted a fan focused stadium, well, he certainly delivered.  I walked in through Falcons Landing and past the Georgia Dome into the front entrance.  Once you pass through security and scan your own ticket, there is a huge open area where the band, cheerleaders, Freddie Falcon, and Felicia, the massive iron falcon, are located.  I entered the actual stadium, and if not for seeing the field, would not know I was at a stadium.

The first view is the field ahead of you and Molly B’s to the right.  Molly B’s, was of course, named for Mr. Blank’s mother. It has 2 sections of restaurant seating, one of which directly overlooks the field.  There are numerous concessions around all levels of the stadium, specialty foods, burgers and dogs, ice cream, even a health food kiosk.  And, as promised, every turn is a drink fountain where you can refill your own sodas all day long.  There are also recycling containers throughout the stadium, and restrooms around every corner.  Did I mention the 2000 TV’s?

Realizing The Benz was not at capacity, there were enough people there to understand the game day concept.  All of the first level restaurants and amenities were open and operating, and many at each of the other levels were as well.  There are living room set ups with huge tvs in several locations, to include additional screens at the bottom of the main screen which I imagine will show additional games of interest each week.  There are lounge areas, charging stations, and standing tables throughout the entire stadium.  This should definitely allow fans to come in and eat comfortably early and be ready and seated by game time.  You can also eat at a myriad of locations while watching the game at the standing bars around the stadium, again, on all levels.

l (5)
Halo Board and Roof

Speaking of bars, every liquor type seems to be covered and have an inserted bar along the way.  Each of these looked like its very own bar that happens to be inside a stadium.

If you want a break from the game, you can check the city view from several locations on each level.  The window views of the city are incredible and definitely open up the already huge stadium even more.  There are also many photo opportunities, a Budweiser tower, a football field covering a wall, Atlanta United life size coin, and many more.  Or, visit the 200 level for the DJ station, where there are tunes and contests, and maybe some celebrity visits.

The main team store is on the main level, but there are large kiosk stores on the other levels as well, so you cannot miss an opportunity to shop.

l (2)
View from Sky Bridge

If you are disappointed to be on the 300 level, do not be.  You can take the escalators or elevators (or dreaded stairs – which actually have great views of the city or the lower level crowds), to the level with all the fun.  The 300 level includes 2 Sky Bridges and the already famed 100 Yard Club.  The sky bridges are over the main entrance, do not contain seating, and provide an incredible view of the field and entire stadium, again, with shelved bars to stand and eat and drink and enjoy the day.


The 100 Yard Club has 9 columns spotlighting players and Head Coach Dan Quinn. I am not sure if these will change periodically, but for now the players spotlighted are Julio Jones, Devonta FreemanDeion JonesGrady JarrettVic Beasley, Jr.Matt RyanDesmond Trufant, and Alex Mack.  All 4 sides of each column contain pictures and information about the player, their life, an impactful quote, charity work, etc.  There are also stadium seats next to the walls between each entrance to the seats, several concession stands, standing eating tables, soda refill stations, and condiment tables throughout this section, that is all on top of a football field painted floor.

I missed the signings, but several Falcon legends were on hand to see the sites and sign autographs for fans as well.  I did have a quick run in, almost literally as I was periscope walking, with Ovie Mughelli.  Kudos to those that ran across the signings, I heard Ovie, Michael Turner, Michael Jenkins, Rod Coleman and others were there.

Last, but not least, the seats are bigger and more comfortable than the Georgia Dome.  Depending on your location, you may have padded seating, cup holders are on the seat in front of you – or on your arm rest, and some arm rests are movable.  There is, literally, not a seat in the house that you cannot see everything, the highly touted halo board, the field, the city, everyone else.  I was at the stadium for nearly 4 hours and still did not see everything, although I put in a good effort.  Mercedes Benz and Delta have ground level sections.  Inside includes a lounge and restaurant area, outside, they are fenced in, just behind the sideline.

Special thanks to the Atlanta Falcons for hosting this great event, so that we could all come in and find our seats, see all the sites, and make plans for game day.  Now, on September 17, we will all be ready to head in, eat, and be in our seats in plenty of time to cheer for our Falcons over the cheeseheads of Green Bay.


Be sure to check the links on our home page for our YouTube channel and Facebook page for the video tour and pictures.


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