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TD and DQ Speak Preseason

August 26, 2017

Allison Smith

Some quick outtakes from Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn’s chat with Dukes and Bell on 92.9 Friday, August 25, 2017.

On the Mercedes Benz Stadium, it is a “real tribute to Arthur on what this team stands for.”

The team, in small groups, came in to tour The Benz Nest.  Many of the guys went on Instagram Live and shared their amazement at everything from the view as they drove to The Benz, the locker room, the of course the field and the view from there.  Everyone was excited to “be home.”  As that is what Owner Arthur Blank called it….saying “Welcome Home” to not only the players, but the fans of both the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United.  Mr. Blank said this was our stadium, not his.

DQ and TD were glad to have the team inside on Friday, to get accustomed to their parking location, the locker room set up, their entrance to the field, and last but not lest to go ahead and “get caught up in the lights,” so that on Saturday, the team just comes out to play!

TD commented on this year’s teams saying, “We’ve had some great stars, but as a complete roster, speed, athletic, etc…. this is the best (overall) roster this year.

As always, DQ is focused on preparing for the game, whether game planning, or evaluating, he commented, “The routine is important, but the readiness needs to be there.”  DQ is happy to have 4 full games to evaluate all 90 players as it give them all more opportunities to show what they can do.

Both DQ and TD are happy with guard play, the Right Guard position that Ben Garland and Wes Schweitzer are competing for.  No decision on a starter will be made until after the final preseason game.  But remember, even if you aren’t the RG starter, they have both had tons of time as backup center as well.  I still wonder if DQ will name a season long starter, or use them interchangeably until one really stands out with the first team, or an obvious chemistry is seen.  Realize that in the 2 preseason games so far, most starters, even O-Line have not played very long together.  As I mentioned in FalconAlley Squawks during the offseason, but guys were pushing and supporting each other, and DQ said, “can’t be more pumped with their training camp.”

TD is excited about this defensive line.  They took a “very direct and calculated approach…..with Vic Beasley, Jr., Adrian Clayborn, Brooks Reed, then bring in Takk McKinley and Dontari Poe, making this group a “very burly, manly group.”  “They like to compete.”

Both TD and DQ are excited with the addition of Bryant Young, noting that he was a “great player, but can articulate and teach” as a coach.  And if Young isn’t enough, you know DQ is very hands on with frontline D, and by hands on, we mean he is out there literally doing drills with the team.

On new Offensive Coordinator, Steve Sarkisian, DQ said that he “knew him and knew they could work together.”  On Marquand Manual, who has now moved up to Defensive Coordinator, DQ and Manual have had “6 years together – a clear vision to know how we wanted to coach.”  Both Sark and Manual will call plays from the sideline this week.

And our quote or lesson for the day comes from Dimitroff, “You win you win.  You lose, you learn.”  Hopefully this season, we just WIN.



Featured Image Courtesy of 92.9 The Game



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