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First Round Draft Pick Calvin Ridley on Dukes and Bell

July 30, 2018

Calvin Ridley spoke to Dukes and Bell of 92.9 The Game on Monday afternoon (Carl Dukes and Mike Bell).  First round draft pick from Alabama, Ridley said that he was feeling real good so far, having a great time, and loves this team.  He confirmed that he was NOT on Saturday, as others went to sign for fans, he just went directly in to get some fluids.  Ridley is excited to be battling against Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, and Brian Poole, he realizes that going against them will really prepare him for games, as they are some of the best corners in the league.

Ridley comment on Mohamed Sanu and Julio Jones saying that Sanu has been a great big brother, either correcting him or praising him, but always giving feedback.  While Julio is like a coach on the field, he teaches everything.  Ridley said that he is in a great situation with the greatest football players and the greatest coaching staff.  Sounds like he has fully bought in to the Brotherhood and is very happy in Atlanta. He noted that Matt Ryan is a big coach as well, providing good and constructive feedback.  Ryan wants Ridley out there on the field and is ensuring that he does everything right, he obviously cares.

Ridley told Dukes and Bell that the learning curve was not overly difficult.  Falcons OC, Steve Sarkisian was in Alabama for a short time, and clearly they are running a near pro offense already.  Ridley said that the Falcons game plan is harder, but if you pay attention and study and you will get it.  He feels better than when he first hit Atlanta for mini-camp and is in a good place. 

Asked about the Together We Rise Fan Day, Ridley commented that it was “so good, so many people in there on Sunday.”  It felt almost like a game, realizing, of course, that Ridley was on the National Championship team that played in The Benz Nest in January.  The good news is, Ridley is confident without being cocky, feels he has something to prove, and is willing to listen and learn from the veterans.  Also, he’s played semi-pro ball at Alabama, in 3 years having 2 National Championships. 

Ryan thinks that Ridley is fitting right in to this system and obviously DQ is quite impressed as well.


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Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Falcons



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